What’s it like being the wife of a cop?



I get this question a lot. If I’m being honest, I think I do better than most police wives when it comes to coping with the lifestyle. Although I suffer from an anxiety disorder, somehow, someway, I do not fear for my husband’s safety. I sleep like a rock straight through the night. I firmly believe most of the peace I hold can be attributed to the prayers my family prays over him and our marriage. In fact, I can’t wait to hear stories when Seth gets off a shift. I’m the kind of wife that likes to know ALL the details. The kind of wife that likes to give a high five after a good felony arrest. I find it all rather fascinating.

The pros to being a police wife:

  • I get to see my husband dress up in uniform on the daily.
  • I get my own bed at night. (Which may be my favorite benefit. He’s basically a human furnace. I love the man, but I also love good sleep.)
  • We get discounts at most donut shops.   WOO!
  • I get to be proud of the work he does. I know that he makes a difference.


  • I don’t see him much. I work full time/sometimes overtime throughout the week. I’m lucky if I get to spend an hour or two with him during the weekdays before he goes to work. I see him less in our first year of marriage than when we were dating.
  • Here and there I get excited during the day about something random and want to call him immediately to tell him about it. Or I’ll want to see if he’d like to join me for lunch. But my reality is that he sleeps when I work, and I work while he sleeps.
  • I have to watch him strap on a bullet proof vest before every shift. My mind is desensitized to it most of the time, but every once in a while I remember why he puts it on. The baton doesn’t faze me, the taser doesn’t faze me. The gun doesn’t even faze me. But for some reason that dang vest reminds me how vulnerable and human he is.
  • The missed holidays and family gatherings
  • The constant criticism I see online of police as a whole. Don’t get me started. Lawd, help me.
  • Not knowing when he will come home. It could be on time, it could be 1-5 hours later.

As fore mentioned, despite the pesky anxiety troll constantly breathing down my neck, I do okay with rationalizing Seth’s safety. Statistically I know he is not likely to ever be shot at. I know he is smarter than 98% of the criminals he comes into contact with. He’s intuitive. Quick witted. Most of all, he is a peacemaker. So even if the statistics weren’t on our side, I know this is what he is called to do.

But if I’m being brutally honest, there is a part of this that scares me. (Even more than him getting hurt.) I worry about his mind, heart, and spirit. He encounters brokenness every day. One of his first calls out of the gate was having to take two babies away from their parents because the mother waited over a month to report sexual abuse by the father. BABIES. Under 3 years old. What thoughts go through your mind as you strap two babes into the back of a cop car so you can take them to the hospital to be examined? And soon after be transported to a children’s home? He has walked in on multiple suicides. Dealt with rape victims, shootings, robberies. He’s circling a world heavily influenced by Satan himself. That. scares. me.

I know my faith should be stronger, but humans are weak and our spirits grow weary. I’m scared that being exposed to this much darkness will make him more cynical. That his experiences will influence him to stop trusting people. That his mind will get foggy and his thoughts grow dim.

It makes me sad that he hardly sees the sunlight. It makes me sad that he can’t follow some of these cases through to see a happy ending. And it makes me sad that he works his tail off every single day only to be spit on and called a racist and it makes me MAD to read comments from the general public who think (with no insight or training) that they know how to do his job better than he does.

What’s it like to be the wife of a cop? Interesting. Tiring. Confusing. Frustrating. Inconvenient. Unpredictable. But most of all, necessary. I’ll be the one to support him when society won’t. I’ll be the one he can come to when he can’t shake depression or fear. I’ll be the one rooting for him, never begging him to quit, even though I miss him and get sick of the odd hours. I’ll be the one to pray good ol’ psalm 91 over him and his brothers and sisters on the force. I’m proud to have married into the thin blue line. I’m proud to be a police wife.

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12 thoughts on “What’s it like being the wife of a cop?

  1. Amen sista’ friend! Thank you so much for shedding light on what it’s like to walk in our shoes. Your words speak volumes- keep on writing! #backtheblue


  2. I too can very much relate to this article. As a wife of a NSW ( Australia) police officer. They do one of the most difficult and dangerous jobs, and also the least rewarding. They are constantly criticized, called names, exposed to such terrible scenes that most people could not bear to handle and are very rarely thanked. I too worry about the long term effects of what they are constantly exposed to on a daily basis. But I too am here for him when he gets home to talk with about his day and provide support.


  3. Beautifully written post! I am SO glad to know you and WPD is so much the better for having Seth. Our men need our prayers and support. Seth is so fortunate to have such an amazing, supportive, faith-filled, unique & passionate woman in you!

    Praying God’s continued blessing & protection over you both.

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  4. Your post articulated what it’s like being a cops wife very well! This brought me back to many years of my husband working overnights! We have now been married 24 years and he has been in law enforcement over 20 years. The only thing missing to make it even more true for me is how much more difficult it gets when you have children! Juggling crazy schedules, trying to keep kids quiet during the day in MN in the winter because their dad is sleeping!!!! Trying to explain to your 3 year old daughter that daddy can’t join us trick or treating now because he just got an emergency call and needs to help another family 😢 Having to ask your amazing neighbors to keep a look out because some dirtbag told your husband that he knows where your sweet wife and kids live 😠 Having to console your husband when he couldn’t save another 3 year old little girl from her own Dad 😢 I too am so grateful for all the prayers of family and friends over the years. I too believe it is a special calling from God and I always take a great deal of peace knowing that! I do believe that most police officers go into this profession because they truly care about people and want to make a positive difference! My husband discerned his career because he wanted to be a first responder and help people in need! Being a cops wife isn’t easy, but I am proud of my husband and all of the brave men and women he works with that truly want to make our communities safer in all aspects! May God bless the Peacekeepers ❤️

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  5. Good on you girlfiend, you are an awesome police wife! I’m one that has both perspectives in that I was for 10 years the partner/wife of a cop that had PTSD and I am a cop myself. I understand both sides of the coin and now several years on I have a partner that isn’t a cop, in fact, he is a suit wearing banker in his air conditioned office Monday to Friday, so so far removed from understanding my world that its actually a kind of relief that he doesn’t understand my work world for his protection. I take my hat off to you, those that have to not only run the home, raised the kids and been that support that us cops need, you do an amazing job and one that, trust me, is very appreciated.

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  6. Thanks for this. I may not be a woman, but I can relate 100% as my partner of 11+ years is a LEO. It definitely rules our house, but I wouldn’t have it anyother way. Even as a male LEO significant other, my feelings are exactly the same as yours. Although mine went to M-F day shifts so I lost the bed to myself and being able to do whatever I want on weekends (although I don’t mind this part)! lol
    I pray for and carry him in my spirit more than I do for myself or anyone else. In one regard we’re vulnerable as members of the LGBT community, but our Blue Family makes us feel safe and protected knowing they have our back at all times. It’s an awesome family to be a part of! Be well. Best.


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