Gatsby Bridal Inspo


Sometimes you’ve simply gotta shoot for fun. Naturally I chose my model because–

A. Do you see her?

B. She’s comfortable in front of the camera. I trusted her to know what looked good with little direction as I wanted to move fairly quickly and get multiple locations.

This look was acheived at VERY little cost. How?

+ She did her own hair and makeup. (I understand 98% of people aren’t as talented as she is. So in this instance, we just got lucky.)

+ I lended her the headpiece I wore on my wedding day.

+ I got the dress on clearance at Dillard’s for less than $60. #steal

+ OH…and the bouquet was all handpicked at good ol’ Hobby Lobby when their florals were on sale.

I’d say for a last minute styled shoot, we didn’t do too shabby. I’m so happy I chose Haley to model for me, especially after she mentioned that she didn’t get many bridal portraits on her wedding day.

In addition to being a killer makeup artist, almost more impressive is the fact that she has mastered the macaroon. I’m not a baker….but I’ve heard that’s like…really hard. “Trial and error,” she says. “It’s all about the method,” she says. French over Italian or Italian over French. And something about folding meringue. (I had to ask google how to even spell that.) My knowledge of baking goes no further than watching the Great British Baking Show.

I digress…

If you’re interested in a custom order of macaroons or would simply like to follow her journey of being a wife, mother of two, and small business owner-  follow the links below!




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