What’s so great about Wichita? Why stay?

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Undoubtedly my favorite aspect of this city is the unending support of local business. If you get out at all, you’ve noticed the rise in start ups. Wichita is FULL of creative entrepreneurs ready to serve you enthusiastically. Why?

These small business men/women didn’t settle for anything less than a passionate pursuit. They weren’t satisfied with getting a decent 9-5 job to pay the bills. They had a vision.

That vision is different for every entrepreneur, but there is a common denominator. They serve people in a way that comes completely natural, and in a way that fulfills them – whether it be creating menus for a restaurant, designing a website, or capturing timeless moments in a photograph. Whatever the case may be, these people take pride in their craft and push to bring their best work forward. Wichitans recognize that in small businesses and will go out of their way to support them, which makes this city a GREAT place to jump into the roller coaster of the entrepreneurial life. The low cost of living makes it all the more achievable to invest in your business, leading to much quicker growth.

Have you noticed the rising popularity of the Wichita flag waving from porches, sported on tshirts and car bumpers? That’s the sign of a community that takes pride in its home, a people invested in staying local, shopping local, and taking care of their neighbors. Celebrating their neighbors. Creating with their neighbors.

The flourishing of the city has only just begun. Wichita has a bright future. I believe in it. I want to be a part of it. I’m staying right here, committed to contributing to it.

One thought on “What’s so great about Wichita? Why stay?

  1. Agree 💯❗️
    It’s so fun to be part of the perception change over the last few years. In 2013 it started with WSU’s run to the Final Four. The city was draped in black & gold, and businesses allowed employees to dress down and show their city pride. After that fantastic run Wichitans started believing in themselves and the impossible. Impossible was replaced by “I’m possible.” Now the city, the people, entrepreneurs, artists, public servants, and businesses are showing the world anything is possible when we support eachother. Congrats on choosing to stay in Wichita! 👍🏽

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